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Where to Get Cute, Coordinated Family Outfits...

You've seen the photos with the picture perfect families in the color coordinated outfits, but where do you find the goods to get the glam family pictures... Let's go shopping!!

***Before you buy, here are some pointers to get the most for your money & that perfect family photo***

Step 1 - The Who, What, Where?

How to: Take a moment to consider all the elements affecting your photo shoot. Who all will be in the pictures? What season is it or what type of look are you going for (ex: traditional, holiday, iconic, western)? Where is the location or what is the background?

Considering all of these elements is important when planning what to wear for your perfect family photo. You want to make sure you have a vision before you begin buying outfits. Otherwise, you'll end up with a mismatched family photo that leaves people wondering.

Pointer #1 - Layer on the charm! Layers of clothing add to the charm of your family photos, so don't be afraid to add some extra items to your wardrobe (weather permitting).

Step 2 - Get inspired!

How to: Think of what you want to accomplish for this family photo. Do you have a star of the show like a little one?  - OR - Do you have that perfect outfit that you can't wait to show off?? Well, build your family fashion around that. 

Choose an outfit to begin with. If you are trying to showcase someone special then this may be the one outfit that has a basic pattern or has the primary color pallet that you are pulling from. (Try not to choose something that will be too dramatic that it pulls away from the rest of the family, such as an outfit that has "too much going on" and is distracting to the eye.)

Pointer #2 : Solid Colors, Light Shades, Pastel Colors and Primary Colors are a great start, but don't let that keep you from some eye popping accent colors!

Step 3 - Build on Your Foundation!

How to: Now that you have inspiration, you need to choose outfits for the rest of the family. Choose 2 or 3 colors from your Inspiration Outfit to inspire the surrounding outfits. Try to have the surrounding outfits pair with a combination of solid colored clothing that compliments your Inspiration Outfit.

Pointer #3: Too much of something can be a bad thing. If you have too many different patterns then your photos can become more of an eyesore than an eye catcher!

Step 4 - Accessorize!

How to: Choose from hats, ties, scarves, jewelry and more that can add some style and class to your pictures. They can also make some great props when it comes photo time. * A little tug from Mom on Dad's tie or a tip of your hat can make a photo go from Cute to WOW!

Pointer # 4 - Make sure you keep on matching! Don't let your accessories take away from the outfit because you have some of the family dressed up and some dressed down or because you chose an accessory that doesn't go with your color pallet. (Unless you are going for a whimsical look and then you can try pulling of the one guy in a ball cap and tie or the ladies in tulle skirts with plaid tops.)

FINALLY.... Get to Shopping!!!

Here is a short list of some great places to buy coordinating outfits for the family.

P.S. - We aren't affiliated with any of these companies and don't get anything for mentioning them.

We just thought they would make a great start for your fashionable family photos...

Headed to the mall? Stop by these stores -

Out for groceries? Don't forget to add outfits to your list -

In a pinch? Save here -

Have more suggestions, tips or pointers?

Feel free to share what you feel makes a great family photo!

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