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Txt Vs. Email

What is your business missing out on?

Let's start by asking - What do you spend most of your time doing on your phone?

Is it:

  • A) Talking
  • B) Texting
  • C) Viewing/Sending Emails

If you answered B) Texting, then you are like the other 70% of smartphone users out there. Only 43% of smartphone users are using their phone to make calls!


Well that is what was reported by in May of 2016 and this trend is estimated to increase.

They also reported that emails only have a 20% open rate, while text messages have a 98% open rate. Of that 98% of text messages, 90% are reported to be opened in under 3 minutes!

This information posts an obvious question to any business owner - How will text messaging work for my business?

That's where we come in. We are now teaming with SenText Solutions to offer you with the best text solutions for your business. As your dedicated representative, we will walk you through all the steps in order to make this solution be valuable and profitable for your business. Here is how:

"How SMS Text Marketing Service Works

Our approach to providing text marketing services is geared around the needs of our business customers. Here’s how it works!

It’s Easy!
Advertise Build         Reach

- SenText Solutions provides signage for you to place throughout your business inviting customer to join.

- Customers will see the signs and join. Your customer list will continue to grow and grow.

- Reach all of your customers instantly with a single text message for announcements, sales, specials and promotions!

Your dedicated representative will assist you while you are getting started and SenText Solutions provides support materials and signage to help you build what could become the most valuable marketing asset for your organization!

  1. Let customers know you are engaged in text marketing
    SenText Solutions helps by providing examples of signage and graphics that business put up in their establishment, like a restaurant or bar, so that customers know how to sign up.
  2. Send offers to your customers
    SenText Solutions offer a variety of text marketing features giving your business or organization an enormous advantage and variety of options in how to utilize your customer contact list.
  3. Customers receive offers and act on them
    98% of all text messages get read, so you can be sure that your offers will be considered"


"Mobile Marketing works for every type of business! Using a single text message, merchants can contact their entire customer base at a moment’s notice! Staying connected to your customers helps you to:

Retain your existing customers by keeping them informed and interested
Increase floor traffic on slower days
Build your customer base through referrals from existing customers
Interact with your customers through polls, contests and more!
Give your customers what they want by getting to know them with customizable data collection campaigns."


Contact Cortni LoGalbo at 817-381-5381 to schedule a FREE Consultation!

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