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So You Want to Market Your Business...


A Business Card is your FIRST IMPRESSION to most potential clients. I've heard from a number of individuals how important business cards alone were in determining what product/service/company they chose.

They didn't even want information on the company... just the business card, because that spoke volumes to them!

If you have a mediocre or below average business card, you just told your potential client that your product/service is mediocre or below average. Is that what you want your first impression to be to a potential customer?

No, of course not!

So, how do you use a tiny little business card to tell a HUGE story about your product/service/company?

Here are the 3 C's of a Knock Out Business Card:

  1. Clear
  2. Catchy
  3. Clean

CLEAR - Your business card must have all of the crucial information easily accessible to your potential client.

What is crucial?

Your business basics send a clear image to your potential client of how to reach you:

  • Business Name/Logo (could also be your product/service name if only selling one thing)
  • Website (if available)
  • Phone Number (should have this no matter the company)
  • Address (if brick/mortar)
  • Email (most businesses should have this)
  • Social Media Platform(s) (should at least have Facebook for almost all businesses)
  • Product/Services Offered (or an idea of what you offer - applies to most businesses)

*Stuck on these points? Artistic-Zeal can create a custom logo for you from $75, websites from $1000, and more... let us know where you are stuck and we'll give you a custom quote: 817-381-5381

This information should generally be located on the front of the business card, all on the same side as to create a clear answer to your potential customers' question, "How do I get this amazing product/service?"

CATCHY - The number one thing I've heard from potential clients in regards to distaste for business cards is that they weren't interesting enough to be memorable. OUCH! You've worked so hard to get your business going, is it really worth slacking now???
So how do you create a memorable business card?
"Think Outside the Chair," as my family would say. Don't go online and choose a basic business card! While you are thinking "keep it simple," your potential client is thinking, "REALLY?"
Put in the effort to get to the finish line and don't finish until you can't run any further. When you get there, give it one more lap!

Consider what you are selling:

  • What does it look, feel, smell, taste like to your potential client?
  • What are the features?
  • What sets it apart/makes it unique?

Now create a business card that says THAT!

(See More Business Card Ideas at bottom of page)

CLEAN - Make it look visually presentable. If it is too stimulating, you'll exhaust your potential client before they even get a chance to learn more!

When you walk into a messy room, isn't it so difficult to decide where to start cleaning? Why? Because you are overwhelmed and all of your energy goes out the door. You get exhausted before you begin. Think of this when you go to creating your business card as well.

Why are walk-in closets so popular in homes these days? They allow for extra space to put your things, giving your room a clean and tidy look. Likewise, use the backside of your business card, allowing for extra space or attention to draw in potential clients.


Use your space wisely and make sure it makes you feel comfortable. Have a second eye take a look, especially if it is a potential client and ask for their advice.

  • Does this look legible?
  • Does it draw you in or push you away?
  • Do you understand what I'm offering?
Once you have your card tidy, it is time to roll out the red carpet and make the purchase!

Still need help? Artistic-Zeal has you covered! Call today for a quote and we'll create a custom business card just for you. Prices from $23 (including shipping) - 817-381-5381

More Ideas:

Artistic-Zeal offers business products/services as well as promotional products for your business needs. Call today to see how Artistic-Zeal can help you find low-cost business products and services that will turn heads and help you get the attention your company is looking for!


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