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Color & Design Count

In the Blink of an Eye, You Could be Losing Business

Leave a Lasting 1st Impression

What you think you know could be hurting your business. How much focus are you putting on the design of your Branding, Products/Services & Website?

In 1/10 of a second, your potential customers are deciding their opinion on what you have to offer: how attractive, likable, trustworthy, competent or aggressive they believe it is.

In only 0.05 seconds, your potential customer has determined if they like your website or not!

Aesthetic Are Everything

Simple and Familiar outdoes Innovative when it comes to your web design. So what are potential customers focused on?

Simple and Familiar outdoes Innovative when it comes to your web design. So what are potential customers focused on?

Well, MST did a University study on eye-tracking and noted where viewers focused when looking at a particular web page. Their statistics make a great foundation for planning your own website and noting what your potential customers are interested in:

What we learn...

Looks matter! Make sure you are focused on the areas that attract:

  • Logo
  • Navigation Menu
  • Search Box
  • Social Networking Links
  • Main Image
  • Written Content
  • Bottom of Site
* Note that most people want the important information to be visible at the TOP of your page, but make your HOME page have the important information and be engaging because it will usually be what gets the most views!

We can learn from this research that it is crucial to Control the Environment that your potential customer is experiencing in order to have optimal sales!

What makes the Sale?

1. Make the Things That Matter Stand Out!

  • Try to avoid clogging space with items that don't offer a "Call to Action" (directing potential clients to buy)
  • Give lots of weight or make things stand out that will drive the sale

2. Videos are the wave of the future!

  • Video in search feed is a prime way to get customers to click on your product (a method that some companies are taking advantage of by posting photos that appear to a video with their search results)
  • Our culture expects to know how a product works prior to purchasing, so even when you are listing an item (product/service) to your site, a video will be a driving factor to get the sale

3. Directional Cues will get the views!

  • We are drawn to the eyes! If you are displaying a character on your branding/site/packaging/etc, by facing their gaze to the key elements that you want them to interact with, you'll find that they are more likely to view the information or click your call to action element
  • Readers are drawn to an "F-Pattern" and "Z-Pattern" reading style

4. Make it clear and cut to the chase!

Radical Research

KISSmetrics research found that a page with 1,292 words outranked a page with 488 words by 7.6%. And it didn’t end there. The leads from the long form version of the page were higher in quality than the leads from the variation.


So far we've learned some foundational skills to setting up your business for success. Be sure to FOCUS on what counts! CONTROL your traffic! And to LAYOUT your page and marketing so that it is VISUALLY STIMULATING to your potential customers.

This is the first of our multi-part segment on Color & Design Count. Subscribe below to stay updated on more ways to make your 1st Impression Count to get the Sales you Desire!

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