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If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It

Tryazon tempted us with the 3Doodler and we took the bait. The 3Doodler ( is noted as the "World's first 3D pen" and as we've seen them all over the TV, YouTube and more, we couldn't wait to host a Tryazon party to see what all the talk was about.

The 3Doodler works similar to a hot glue gun as the device heats up and you insert the waxy sticks into the back end of the device. Unlike a hot glue gun, however, this device can be charged with a usb port and doesn't need to be connected to an outlet for use. The pen also doesn't get nearly as hot, so it works well for children. It is recommended for ages 8 and up.

This is a great way to let parents and children alike use their imagination and bring their creativity to life. If you aren't as creative as others, the device also comes with templates to use. You are able to construct life like 2D or 3D constructions.

We created a full size pair of glasses, cute butterflies, smiley faces, guitars and more. The kids had so much fun seeing these creations come to life. The great thing is that the wax instantly dries making your creation perfect for play moments after it is constructed.

People are using these to construct life like models of brains, planes, baskets and picture frames. If you can think it up then it is possible with this device. Just imagine how this can change the future of the way we teach, learn and imagine.

These devices start at around $50 and prices go up from there. They can be purchased online at: or at local stores.

Let us know what you create with your 3Doodler! #3Doodler #Tryazon

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